Friday, July 15, 2005

A watch, a dog, and a stalker.

I've been sitting in front of a computer to learn or earn a paycheck since 1994. That's over a decade of sitting and typing. In those ten years, I've never worn a watch regularly for a couple of reasons. The watches I've bought have either broken or gotten lost. They break, because I buy cheap watches. They get lost because I take the watch off in a computer lab, and it just gets left behind. I take the watch off, because usually the band clicks or rubs against the desk and keyboard, distracting me from my important coding. But now, I've found the perfect watch for all my sitting and typing. It's a cheap little digital watch mounted on flourescent rubber tubing. The tubing is squishy, so when I rest my wrist on my desk, there's no annoyance. And, well, I think wearing a flourescent rubber tube on my wrist is pretty hip. Moreover, it's only $8.50, and it comes with a 2 year warranty, so it's a good little financial investment.

For the good news, the dog, after her geriatric screening, is in "pretty good shape for her age." She just has a little extra weight and a gimpy knee. But then, after falling out of a ski-lift at 19, and 10 years of sitting and typing, so do I. I'm relieved. Maybe we'll pull a Thelma and Louise outta here after all.

For the bad news, the creepy guy might have renewed feelings for me. He just happened to get on his bike at the same time I was leaving my house on my bike this morning. Fortunately, I was able to nonchalantly go a completely different direction. Three blocks away, after rounding the corner, I could see him a couple of blocks off, circling and waiting. I biked like I was on fire to school, going the long way, hoping not to run into him. Maybe I'll borrow that .22 automatic from my neighbor after all.

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