Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My new favorite site.

The 20x200 Project

Ten Things To Do

1. Figure out a more productive daily schedule.
2. Avoid situations where I have to endure the phrase "top 10."
3. Skip group meetings more often.
4. Be more enthusiastic over the phone.
5. Go to the post office.
6. Stop being sad.
7. Find a place where I can be myself without being punished.
8. Write an Eclipse plug-in.
9. Think of two more things.

A better list is here.


"But life changes on a dial, in a garden, a clinking of beetle wings, a shrimp bush and dry pink petals of chinese lanterns dangling. Once I thought: I'll just plant things until there's no time to be afraid. But storms are furious in their own way, green lightning and bullets as big as hail in the desert, as frogs."
-- Taken from "Attempts At A Life" by Danielle Dutton.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Drive-Thru Coffee

Oregon boasts a number of drive-thru coffee joints. On Salem's Mission Street, I saw the "Bikini Coffee Co." Drive on in, and see baristas in bikinis make you a latte. No word on if the baristas are all female.