Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ten Things To Do

1. Figure out a more productive daily schedule.
2. Avoid situations where I have to endure the phrase "top 10."
3. Skip group meetings more often.
4. Be more enthusiastic over the phone.
5. Go to the post office.
6. Stop being sad.
7. Find a place where I can be myself without being punished.
8. Write an Eclipse plug-in.
9. Think of two more things.

A better list is here.


jokerine said...

ke your list, even if it isn't as flamboyant as the other, maybe I will copy it ;)

jokerine said...

ke= Ilike

(whyever it didn't get typed)

Tracy said...

I'm rooting for #6 to take highest priority. :)

Rob said...

Here's my list (its only 3 things)

Feel the flow
Get fit
Save money

FemaleCSGradStudent said...

Jokerine, please copy any you like.

Tracy, #6 can't happen without a couple of others in place, #7 in particular. Like the mule in Grizzly Adams.

Rob, nice list. It's smart and simple.