Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Okay. I give up.

ns-2: C'mon guess.

me: I don't want to.

ns-2: C'mon guess.

me: I'm tired of you.

ns-2: C'mon guess why PCF has the same packet loss at 10% load as it does at 50%. There aren't any collisions at 10% load. It's weird isn't it?

me: Yes. It's weird.

ns-2: C'moooooonnnn.....guess!

me: I hate you.


RussianViolets said...

LOL. I've had conversations like that -- with Ex.

FemaleCSGradStudent said...

Wait a minute...so have I! Heh. It's funny how similar a badly written network simulator is to my stubborn yet idiotic ex-boyfriend.

RussianViolets said...

LOL!!! Men= badly written network simulator??? :-)

patbergschneider said...

hey now... i'm just a boy now, but when I become a man I'm going to take past-tense offense to that.