Thursday, July 24, 2008

What really happened

Day 1: Defend. Unconditional pass.
Day 2: Pack belongings with help from two friends.
Day 3: Boyfriend and I shove belongings in an 8 x 6 x 5 container.
Day 4: Close on house. Make minor revisions to dissertation.
Day 5: Deposit.
Day 6: Leave. Drive.
Day 7: Drive.

Currently: Relaxing in a hotel room 1100 miles away from GradShitTownVille.

Admittedly, my previous insane schedule was replaced by an only slighly less insane schedule.

Now....clearly the name of this blog is all wrong.


kb said...

Now....clearly the name of this blog is all wrong.

That just says it all. Wooo!

Suresh said...

Congratulations !

Laura said...

Many, many congratulations! If you do change blogs, you'll have to let us all know where you land.

shannon said...

kev will be calling you after he drops me at the airport tomorrow. he'll have your permit with him and his strong arms and legs to help you unload at the new place...

i'm a little bummed i will be in vegas and won't be able to help. we'll have fun with your furniture when i get back.

yea! you're almost home!!! :)

ScienceGirl said...

Woot for the unconditional pass!!

Amanda said...

Yay! Congratulations!

ScienceWoman said...


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