Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How little I know

Scene: It's Super Bowl Sunday. I am at home; I flip on the TV to see if my favorite show has started. I poke my head in the boyfriend's room.

Me: "How many parts in a football game?"
Boyfriend: "Four quarters."
Me: "Dang. I guess House won't be on for a while."


ScienceGirl said...

You aren't the only one. The conversation at my place went something like this.

Me: "Headlines say the Giants won. Where are they from?"
Husband: "San Francisco."
Me: "I think those are the wrong Giants..."

Oh, and I like House too :)

shannon said...

there were babies to squish on and play with during the majority of the game. i got to watch the best part of the game (happily) when it really started...the last four minutes.

FemaleCSGradStudent said...

sciencegirl: I had to look it up. I thought the Giants were from San Francisco.

shannon: hooray for squishy babies!