Monday, July 16, 2007

Family Statistics

  1. Number of songs my dad whistled while we drove to Albany to play miniature golf: 3.

  2. Their titles:

    • The Little Drummer Boy.

    • The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow (from Annie).

    • The Brady Bunch Theme Song.

  3. The Golf Game Score: Me-56. Dad-48.

  4. Number of pans of clam roll ups my mom made for dinner: 4.

  5. Number of boxes of raisinettes my brother bought me for the 10:15 am Harry Potter showing: 2.


DC said...

I have to admit that those are some intriguing statistics...

A+ said...

This totally made me laugh. Especially the thought of MY dad whistling the Little Drummer Boy. Ha.

What exactly is a clam roll?