Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My favorite moment during my two-week break in Portland

Eating dinner with good friends Mr. and Mrs. Clock. Making small talk. Chatting and joking and enjoying the company of nice people. And Mr. Clock asks,

"So, when are you going to be done."

And Mrs. Clock, who has obviously seen this post, lunges across the table with her best mom finger and says,

"Don't you DARE ask her that."

Dang. Really wish I could have had her as my body guard all during my break.


shannon said...

i love you too. :)


mr. clock said...

seriously, what's the hold up?

Anonymous said...

Sounds kinda like this:

(I was just introduced to PhD comics, which I'm sure you've read before...but that one made me think of the post you made in November and then I came and read this post...sounds like you had your own bodyguard only without the head smacking lol.)