Tuesday, December 12, 2006

6 scenes from three weeks

11/24/06. In which our heroine watches through tired eyes as her dog begins to stand again.

11/27/06. In which our heroine, presented with grave news about a friend, questions the value of spending 70% of her waking hours working on research and obtaining a doctoral degree. She goes to hug her dog, still dizzy from vestibular disease.

11/28/06. In which our heronie's lower back is pleased to see the dog able to get up and down the stairs again.

12/6/06. In which our heroine walks along the beach of some exotic location after making only a mediocre presentation at a conference to a room full of male peers.

12/9/06. In which our heroine, pressured for time, edits an NSF proposal on an overnight flight from South America.

12/12/06. In which our heroine, buggy on cold medicine, sketches a blog post and prepares to head west for Oregon. Despite the piles of work and sinus congestion, she smiles inwardly knowing she'll be visiting beloved friends and family very soon.


Traveler, not tourist said...

I read this post with Scarlet's Walk (the song) playing in the background. It felt really good. I recently bought the "Scarlet's Walk" CD. Been reading about the concept of the album and how it was meant to be a "sonic novel". Your post is also in a new style ("to the best of my knowledge"), as far as blogs go.

Hope you have a great holiday back home. Glad to know that your dog's doing good.

FemaleCSGradStudent said...

"If you're a thought
you will want me
to think you
and I do
and I did"

Speaks, perhaps, to the ephemeral nature of these relationships on the internet. These unvoiced thoughts bursting onto the pages and leds of our laptops.

shannon said...

12/29/06- dinner with the clocks where laughter is present. afterwards there was plenty of time to snuggle with josie (the diggity dawg) and visit a bit more before you had to leave...we've missed you ever since.

snakechaser said...

Just stumbled onto your blog and I have to tell you I really enjoy your writing. I'm also endeared to your dog already and hope she's doing well.