Monday, November 06, 2006

I asked for it

In a phone message from Cheryl,

"So I was at Megan's and she says I have something to tell you and she's pregnant. Then we go over to Erin's and Erin is pregnant. Then it turns out Megan M is pregnant, too. Then we go over to Jenny's and Jenny is pregnant and it just so happens that Jenny's sister is also pregnant. So I told my boyfriend he's not touching me."

It's like the Village of the Damned back home.


Ms.PhD said...

ack! ack! ack! (that's me running screaming)

shannon said...

how did i miss this post?!? what a riot!!! tell all the girls, congrats!!! even if i'm a little late.

Rob said...

I just arrived in NY to see my 9 month old niece and my sister said she's pregnant with a second. I was just getting used to being an uncle for the first time! At a big family reunion there were so many babies and kids I felt like I was at the wrong house. I came empty handed. No diaper bag, no baby toys, no bottles and car seats.