Thursday, February 23, 2006

Big sigh

A bad day in a string of bad days. I could post. I could talk about naive comments and alarmist fools. I could talk about how, once again, I've committed to way too many things and as a result, I'm back to crying everyday. I could complain about the two Indian fellows in my cube farm arguing about the structure of family names in their respective villages. I could try to articulate the exact kind of chocolate cupcake I am craving.

I will not do any of these things.

Instead, I will post a cute picture.

Have a nice day.


Saad Sheikh said...

that really is cute!

Ramona said...

did you pick the picture as an ode to ex-baby-chickie-coat-guy? :)

shannon said...

Yeah, it's an okay picture, but give me some animal pics! :) THEY are the cutest of the creatures...

Hope you are feeling better. Sometimes, the best thing ever, is to take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Open your mouth like you are going to scream and push the breath from your body.

I suggest doing this in the privacy of your own space, although it'd be funny to see people's reactions. :) Maybe even give you a chuckle.